Powerful Trading Solutions.

We are team of talented C++/FPGA Technologists

From the beginning, we treat our clients with hard work and attention to detail.

Vitorian LLC was created in April 2011 with the mission of creating innovative Fintech solutions with no tradeoffs to quality or robustness. We believe that excellence is paramount and although quick-to-market business strategies may win during bull times, we will eventually benefit from flight to quality.

Trading technology is an area that can be classified as mission critical since any failure can and likely will lead to large financial losses. We treat any application we write as an avionics package, where our clients are our passengers.

Some of the distinctive differences between us and the Fintech competition are:

  • Although we used Agile in the past, today we found that a mix of Feature-driven development combined with Classic Waterfall produces the best results in a mission critical environment.
  • We use strict development standards inpired on NASA's JPL Power of Ten and more strictly on industry standards as MISRA and AutoSAR.
  • We developed a unique development culture that focuses on personal accountability. Every developer owns their feature or bug sub-project from analysis to production. Surprisingly, this leads to less development noise, as well as fingerpointing-free environment .

Our headquarters in Northbrook, IL (right) is located at an arm's length from the Metra, making it fast and convenient to commute to the Union Station, in the heart of Chicago's financial center.

Some of the exchanges we support:


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C++ Development

With over 25 years of experience in high performance computing in C++ and Modern C++, our team is prepared to build ultra low latency software in any standards of your choice (C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20) that will challenge the best firms in the market.

Additionally, we work with a team of reliable, hard screened, independent software engineers all over the world to provide high-quality C++, GPU and FPGA development services at hourly rates starting at US$200/hr.

FPGA Development

We deliver special projects on classical Vivado workflow but High-Level Synthesis (HLS) is our bread-and-butter. We have extensive expertise on the Alveo and Versal datacenter accelerator platforms.

Web/Backend Development

The web is a mandatory layer that presents our core server technologies to humans for consumption. Landing pages and dashboards are our main focus.

Development Consulting

We offer traditional technical team management consulting for firms who do not have a senior person onboard with experience in financial markets or in the technology at hand.

Hiring Assistance

We have helped firms to attract and shortlist highly technical candidates from all over the world. Our smash-hit Substack publication Low Latency Trading Insights has over 4,000 subscribers from 35 countries and hundreds of paid subscribers.

Technical Writing

Technical writing, in particular documentation, is a very challenging and disliked process for most developers. Within our coding expertise of C++/FPGA we can help lightly refactor and document legacy or new code to the highest standards.

Our numbers speak for themselves

They are still low, especially if compared to large consulting companies like McKinsey but our work is honest and carry a substantial amount of attention to detail and experience.

Countries where we currently have outstanding projects: USA, India, Brazil.

Articles published in our Substack Low Latency Trading Insights

Years Old since our foundation in 2011.

Years of experience in High-Performance computing in C++/C/Assembly.

Happy Clients mostly in the HFT industry.

Years of experience in High-Level Synthesis and RTL development.


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Several Recommendations on LinkedIn

Henrique Bucher, our CEO, has received several personal recommendations
on Linkedin that demonstrates his level of passion and dedication to the teams he led in the past.

Several Recommendations on Substack

The readers from our CEO's Substack voluntarily left messages displaying the level of expertise and detail we display in your articles


"I am a college student who is going to work in the financial services industry on "core" programming team. Your writing is precise, methodical and objective without detractions or other bells and whistles. Precisely what I am looking for."


"I like your quick, experiment-based approach to performance analysis, it's faster to digest as a learner."


"I support this due to receiving high quality long-term deep-dives into technological topics that impact low latency trading."


"I learned valuable things from your free posts so I want to support your work and learn even more thank you!"

Ankur Shukla

"Technical brilliance and experience of the author is unmatched. I love his honesty and commitment towards right ways of teaching and technology."


"I'm a c++ developer and I believe the knowledge you share is something I can't get even through my work and any other medium. I appreciate the effort you put in to write this content and you deserve every praise you get. Thanks for sharing your knowledge."


"I'm a C++ software engineer. I have experience working on fast packet processing systems. I've been following your posts for quite a time and since I decided to enter trading industry, I thought being able to read your valuable posts and use your advice in Discord would definitely worth it to pay for premium!"

Nick Tomlinson

"I work in the industry and love your content. Keep it up. "

Vamsi Silla

"I supported your work because it helps me in understanding internals of low-latency trading implementation which I am interested in learning."

Basil Thomas

"I look upto you as a mentor to learn in the low latency space. Would be great to connect to you and learn from your experience in the industry. Thanks for sharing it via this platform. Best wishes! Basil Thomas https://uk.linkedin.com/in/basilthomas8"


"Hi Henrique, as an engineer wanting to learn about low latency development, your articles are very interesting and valuable to me. Thank you for the great work, and looking forward to reading more!"


"Simple, direct and enjoyable. One of the best reads one can have"

Dmitrii Loginov

"I supported your work because It is most valuable information related for my current projects"


"superb content"

Deeptendu Santra

Machine Learning Engineer at Unify, MLE @ Unify.ai | GSOC'22 @ Julia, Mitacs GRI'22 @ QueensU

I've had the pleasure of following Henrique's takes on C++ on this platform, and I'm consistently amazed by his depth of knowledge. His ability to break down complex C++ concepts into relatable and understandable insights is nothing short of impressive. On his Substack, every article is a deep dive, meticulously researched and supported by practical experiments and code. It’s rare to find someone who combines such technical expertise with the ability to communicate it so effectively. Although I haven’t worked much with Henrique, his reputation in designing cutting-edge, low latency systems is well-known and speaks volumes about his skill and experience.


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Henrique Bucher BSc.MSc.PhD.

Chief Executive Officer

Between 2011 and 2020 Henrique was Global Head of Ultra Low Latency Trading Technology at JP Morgan. In his formation years, Henrique worked as Financial Engineer at Citadel Investment Group.

Henrique was a Computational Scientist at the Center for Computational Research (CCR) at SUNY Buffalo between 2001 and 2005.

Henrique holds BSc MSc PhD degrees in engineering from COPPE/UFRJ.

Amit Patel

FPGA Engineer

Amit has joined us temporarily on contract after 3 years at BAE Systems. Amit's professional focus has been on 100G AMD/Xilinx interfaces. Amit completed his BSc from SRM University

Marcelo Souza

C++ Developer

Marcelo is a fresh college graduate from UFPE-Brazil and joined us to write awesome C++ systems and also support our Brazil operations!

Marcelo has won once and was a two-time runner up at H4ck4ton Brazil. He holds a 1% top C++ developers in Brazil.

Stephan Xisto Souza

Legal Counsel in Brazil

Postgraduate in Corporate Law (FGV/ES), chartered attorney (OAB/ES 29.820), and former Tax Appeals Advisor for the Municipality of Vila Velha-ES, Mr. Xisto Souza is part of our external counsel.

Stephan practices out of Vila Velha, Brazil.


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+1 (224) 306-2280

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