Open Positions

FPGA Engineer

Your role is to implement original High Frequency Trading and Machine Learning designs under our strict supervision.

Most common target is the Amazon AWS F1.

You need to be familiar with Xilinx Vivado and Ultrascale/Ultrascale+ devices as well as 10G interfaces.

C++ Embedded Engineer

You will implement embedded solutions in C++ into mostly ARM devices.

You must be familiar with open source toolchains (Gcc/LLVM), Linux, Xilinx Vivado/SDK.

Qt and Android experience a plus.

Vitorian LLC requires no degrees – we don’t want your diploma but your work.

Our interview process:

  1. CV shortlist
  2. Phone screening (30m-1h)
  3. Technical challenge (offline)
  4. Technical challenge (realtime/cloud)
  5. In-house interview (1-2h)
  6. Background checks/HR review etc

Who we want to apply:

  1. If you want to learn High Frequency Trading as done right
  2. If you want to learn Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in a Big Data environment from a 20 year experienced team
  3. If you are the aggressive alpha type that solves problems by yourself without asking silly questions
  4. If you love all things technology and have an open mind with respect to learning new subjects


I am going to follow our rule #1 and not bullshit you – we have (almost) none.

This is not a job for experienced professionals. What you are going to get out of this is learning a hardcore methodology of work and a deep understanding of the trading/data business.

Who do not need to apply:

  1. If you think programming is a form of art or you’re into computer science rhetoric. We are first and foremost engineers: we build rock solid products with whatever tool gets the job done.
  2. If you can’t work a focused 8h without distraction. We don’t like to invade people’s private lives with long hours. The way productivity works is to be extremely intense during work hours.
  3. If you can’t take strong directions on all aspects of your work. We write code based on NASA standards. We have strong format constraints and we work with a small subset of languages and libraries: there is an extensive feature ban on C++ and RTL. ¬†All code is subject to extreme testing and vetting at all levels. If you can’t take a code review or handle a complete rewrite request, do not apply.


  1. We are open to remote workers. I have been asked about other countries but we have not sorted out the tax implications yet. So stay tuned.
  2. Ask me questions!