Modern C++ Challenge

I would like to invite C++ developers to the following challenge: you write a piece of code using features that only belong to “Modern C++” and I will attempt to write the same code in pre-C++11 syntax, perhaps refocusing the problem.

I intend to show that:

  • there are no features post-c++11 (and including) that make C++ any faster
  • code readability will be about the same or, as I expect, much better
  • the focus of C++11/14/17 has been on solving the wrong problem

Some rules and remarks:

  • This is my challenge, these are my rules, I have the last word; you enter if you want otherwise, go away.
  • I did not advertise this anywhere. You got here because you clicked away on your own, this is the primary assumption. You are welcome to walk away right now.
  • Do not be an asshole; leave your ego and try to participate just for fun and the challenge
  • I promise though, I will attempt to be fair (but I will not guarantee to be unbiased all the time). I want to be convinced. I have no intention to bash anyone or anyone’s work. My primary goal is (if I am right in first place) to give the C++ some bearings to why they are alienating an important slice of their user base.
  • There will be no flames here or inflammatory remarks – this is not a war zone. I will promptly disregard if I see an insult to anyone involved. Please be courteous.
  • Comments need to be meaningful. LOL is not a comment, it depicts an offensive attitude.
  • Of course I will be using post-C++11 compilers, ie the latest gcc/clang, because they have worked optimizations and hardware support that has nothing to do with the sugar coating that goes on top.
  • Results will be kept private to anyone outside the group. No exceptions. Do not ask for a preview. Again I have no intention to bash anyone. Results might be disclosed still anonymously in a report to the isocpp group. This is not a freak show.
  • Only seasoned/qualified professionals at my discretion. This is to avoid the trolls and, primarily, recruiters.
  • No results guaranteed. It depends on my time and availability! I wish I had a big sponsor like Intel, Microsoft, Redhat or Canonical to pay my bills while I tergiversate with the world.

How to apply:

  • Go to github and post a new gist
  • Send me a message on LinkedIn with the link to your gist.

Why are you doing this?

In time, please comment below what you think is “Modern C++” in first place, I would like to hear your opinion.  My main reference is this list from my friend Erik Rigtorp but I am not sure how complete it is at this point.


UPDATE 16-06-01: I am calling off this effort at this point. There was simply zero response to this challenge. The conclusion is obvious.