The C++ Elites (a rant)

The C++ Elites

Sorry for the rant but this needs to be addressed properly. If you don’t like personal attacks and petty language please skip this text.

When the C++ academic elites come to comment on my posts, the most common “offense” is to call me a “embedded” developer, as if it was a lower grade subhuman job to hold, not worth of their time. I hold embedded developers to a much higher standard than the ones working in cushy 100-core machines since they have to carefully carve their code to fit in extremely tight requirements while dealing with the intricacies of a heterogeneous environment.

Those are artists in every sense of the word. Looking at their final product and how they usually solve impossible problems to transform ideas into useful, affordable, commercial products with absolute genius solutions is inspiring.

The elites love the ones who can speak in the languages of template metaprogramming, monads, the beauties of functional programming and how more syntax sugar can help you express yourself more completely through your work. As if in the end their code was looking like the next Mona Lisa and not like a bad Pollock.

For them, dealing with the dirty realities of the hardware layer is akin to cleaning your grandpa’s colostomy bag. They think hardware has to be buried behind layers and layers of indirection to the point many (no joke) are calling for the elimination of pointers.

These people’s goals are not to build innovative products and services but to sell books and publish journal papers all in while frenetically massaging their inflated egos in their echo chambers, typically the C++ committee working groups (with notorious exception of SG14), Meeting C++ and /r/cpp.

Beware of them. Their lectures are empty of any practicality and you will be dragged into a pit of despair trying to learn the complexities they built to solve problems they themselves invented in their heads while sipping cheap Costco Chardonnay.